Welsh Springer Spaniels are naturally energetic, but as with all breeds this varies from one dog to another.  The following information is based on our experience with the breed.

Welshies do not like to spend long hours unattended, they need some form of physical/mental activity to keep them entertained.  Another dog will help to keep them company when you aren't at home.

Our Welshies enjoy long walks in the park (not the streets), where they can use their natural senses to explore, and enjoy watching the ducks and birds as they exercise.  They also exercise themselves in the garden, chasing one another around, chasing a ball and investigating, chasing lizards etc.

Unless it is very hot or raining heavily our Welshes exercise almost every day.  Exercise is either a walk in the park or agility training (which can be anything from a few obstacles to practice a specific skill; to a full course).  We try to mix it up so their muscles don't get sore and to keep them keen - this works for us.  Once they have had their exercise for the day, they are happy to relax/be couch potatoes etc for the rest of the day.

Your Welshie shoud be able to fit in with your exercise routine, walking, running, but if you don't normally do these activities your Welshie will need you to at least take up walking.

They will need a safe well fenced yard with some shade.  A regular block is sufficient, and if you have a large block they will get more exercise naturally.

Like all breeds, their diet needs to be adjusted according to the amount of exercise they are doing, so they maintain a healthy weight.


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