When you purchase a pup from us, you will receive comprehensive details on grooming, vaccination and worming requirements, flea and tick control, diet etc.  The following is only a guide as to the essential grooming requirements to look after your Welshie.

Welsh Springer Spaniels have a naturally shiny rich red and white coat with feathering.  They have minimal grooming requirements compared to many breeds, but there are some essential grooming requirements.

The following is an example of what you will need to do in order to keep your Welshie looking great.


Once a fortnight:

  • Bath in luke warm water, using a good quality dog shampoo and conditioner.  Towel dry, making sure the ears are dried well.  No need to blow dry - Welshies dry naturally in a few minutes.
  • Thorough ear clean after bath with a good quality ear cleaning solution – not recommended for young pups.
  • Trim bottom of feet, trim around ears to maintain shape and trim tail to maintain shape. For show dogs, trim neck and excess feathers.
  • Clip nails (or use a nail grinder).


More often:

  • Groom thoroughly once or twice a week.
  • Clean teeth with dog toothpaste and brush a couple of times a week.  Annual dental check/clean with your vet.


You will also need to maintain a regular routine for vaccination, flea/tick control and worming, as with any breed.

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